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Hotels in Varadero

Hotels in Varadero.

There are many offers for staying in hotels in Varadero with Karamba Tours! We offer you a holiday for every preference and budget!
Not far from the city of Cardenas in the province of Matanzas is one of the best resorts of Cuba, Varadero, which has gained international fame thanks to its natural landscapes! The magical combination of fine white sand with gently blue warm waters deserved for Varadero the title of the second most important tourist destination of Cuba after Havana.
This resort is the largest hotel infrastructure in the country; there are more than 20 certified centers for diving. Of great interest is the karst cave Ambrosio, located in the National Park of Varadero.
In Varadero there is also the International Parachute Center and the Varadero Golf Club, the first club in Cuba with a professional field of 18 holes, which offer a pass for 72 hits.
Attention of tourists also deserves the Josone Park, which is located in the heart of Varadero and occupies about 9 hectares of land. It is full of colorful gardens, and a majestic mansion in neoclassical style occupies a special place. In the park, you can walk on foot or ride a bicycle or on horseback, and have the opportunity to rent a boat and swim on the lake.
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Recommended hotels in Varadero

Select a hotel to view more details HOTEL ACUAZUL Ave. 1ra. y Calle 13, VARADERO From$ 41.00 > HOTEL ARENAS DORADAS Autopista Varadero Km. 12, VARADERO From$ 63.00 > HOTEL BARCELO ALLEGRO PALMA REAL Calle 1era 64, VARADERO From$ 47.00 > HOTEL BARCELO OCCIDENTAL ARENAS BLANCAS Calle 64 Final, VARADERO From$ 74.00 > HOTEL BARCELO SOLYMAR Carretera Las Américas Km. 3, VARADERO From$ 69.00 > HOTEL BARLOVENTO (ADULTS ONLY) Calle 1ra e/ 9 y 12, VARADERO From$ 46.00 > HOTEL BE LIVE EXPERIENCE LOS CACTUS (ADULTS ONLY) Carretera Las Américas, Km 3, VARADERO From$ 69.00 > HOTEL BE LIVE EXPERIENCE TURQUESA Las Morlas, Km.12,5 (Reparto La Torre), VARADERO From$ 58.00 > HOTEL BE LIVE EXPERIENCE TUXPAN Ave. Las Américas. Km 2, VARADERO From$ 72.00 > HOTEL BE LIVE EXPERIENCE VARADERO Carretera Las Americas Km 3,5, VARADERO From$ 57.00 > HOTEL BELLA COSTA Carretera Las Américas, Km. 3, VARADERO From$ 63.00 > HOTEL BLAU VARADERO (ADULTS ONLY) Carretera de Las Morlas. Km. 15, VARADERO From$ 82.00 > HOTEL BRISAS DEL CARIBE Carretera Las Morlas, km 12 ½, VARADERO From$ 74.00 > HOTEL CLUB KAREY Calle O, Reparto Kawama, VARADERO From$ 46.00 > HOTEL CLUB TROPICAL Ave. 1ra., e/t calle 21 y 23, VARADERO From$ 49.00 > HOTEL DOS MARES Calle 53 y 1ra. Ave, VARADERO From$ 29.00 > HOTEL FIESTA AMERICANA PUNTA VARADERO Autopista Sur final, VARADERO From$ 97.00 > HOTEL GRAND MEMORIES VARADERO (ADULTS AREA) Autopista Sur, Km. 18 ½, VARADERO From$ 67.00 > HOTEL IBEROSTAR BELLA VISTA Carretera Las Morlas Km 11, VARADERO From$ 98.00 > HOTEL IBEROSTAR LAGUNA AZUL Autopista Sur, Km 18 ½, VARADERO From$ 87.00 > HOTEL IBEROSTAR PLAYA ALAMEDA (ADULTS ONLY) Carretera Las Morlas, Km 19, VARADERO From$ 78.00 > HOTEL IBEROSTAR TAINOS Las Morlas, Km. 12 ½, VARADERO From$ 67.00 > HOTEL IBEROSTAR VARADERO Carretera Las Morlas, Km 17 ½, VARADERO From$ 125.00 > HOTEL KAWAMA Primera Avenida y Calle 1, Reparto Kawama, VARADERO From$ 46.00 > HOTEL LABRANDA VARADERO Autopista Sur, Km 11, VARADERO From$ 63.00 > HOTEL LOS DELFINES Ave. 1ra., y Calle 39, VARADERO From$ 55.00 > HOTEL MAR DEL SUR Ave. 3ra. y Calle 30, VARADERO From$ 49.00 > APARTHOTEL MAR DEL SUR Ave. 3ra. y Calle 30, VARADERO From$ 95.00 > HOTEL MELIA INTERNACIONAL VARADERO Avenida Las Américas, Km 1, VARADERO From$ 138.00 > HOTEL MELIA LAS AMERICAS (ADULTS ONLY) Autopista Sur, VARADERO From$ 109.00 > HOTEL MELIA LAS ANTILLAS (ADULTS ONLY) Carretera Las Morlas, km 14, VARADERO From$ 80.00 > HOTEL MELIA MARINA VARADERO Punta Hicacos, Autopista del Sur y Final, VARADERO From$ 92.00 > APARTHOTEL MELIA MARINA VARADERO Punta Hicacos, Autopista del Sur y Final, VARADERO From$ 69.00 > HOTEL MELIA PENINSULA VARADERO Punta Hicacos, VARADERO From$ 90.00 > HOTEL MELIA VARADERO Autopista Sur, km 9, VARADERO From$ 92.00 > HOTEL MEMORIES VARADERO Carretera al Sur, Km 18.½, VARADERO From$ 58.00 > HOTEL MUTHU PLAYA VARADERO Carretera Las Morlas, Km 12 1/2, VARADERO From$ 57.00 > HOTEL OASIS Vía Blanca, km 130, VARADERO From$ 25.00 > HOTEL OCEAN VARADERO EL PATRIARCA Autopista Sur Km 18, VARADERO From$ 96.00 > HOTEL OCEAN VISTA AZUL Autopista Sur, km 11, VARADERO From$ 108.00 > HOTEL PARADISUS PRINCESA DEL MAR (ADULTS ONLY) Carretera Las Morlas, km 19 1/2, VARADERO From$ 126.00 > HOTEL PARADISUS VARADERO Punta Francés, VARADERO From$ 132.00 > HOTEL PLAYA DE ORO Ave. 2da y Calle 64, VARADERO From$ 60.00 > HOTEL PULLMAN Calle 1ra. Ave. e/ 49 y 50, VARADERO From$ 29.00 > HOTEL PUNTA BLANCA Caretera de Kawama final, VARADERO From$ 39.00 > HOTEL PUNTARENA - PLAYA CALETA Ave. Kawama y Final, VARADERO From$ 40.00 > HOTEL ROYALTON HICACOS (ADULTS ONLY) Carretera Las Morlas, Km. 15, VARADERO From$ 141.00 > HOTEL SOL PALMERAS Autopista Sur, VARADERO From$ 102.00 > HOTEL SOL SIRENAS CORAL (ADULTS AREA) Avenida Las Américas, Calle K, VARADERO From$ 64.00 > VILLA SOTAVENTO Calle 13 e/ 1ra. Ave. y Camino del Mar, VARADERO From$ 41.00 > HOTEL STARFISH CUATRO PALMAS (ADULTS ONLY) Avenida 1ra, entre 60 y 64, VARADERO From$ 57.00 > HOTEL STARFISH LAS PALMAS Avenida 1ra entre 60 y 64, VARADERO From$ 48.00 > HOTEL STARFISH VARADERO Carretera Las Morlas Km 14.5, VARADERO From$ 50.00 > HOTEL SUNBEACH Calle 17 e/ 1ra y 3ra, VARADERO From$ 40.00 > VILLA TORTUGA Calle 9 e/ Bulevar y Ave. Kawama, VARADERO From$ 46.00 > HOTEL VARAZUL Calle 13 e/ 1ra. Ave. y Camino del Mar, VARADERO From$ 41.00 >

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