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Manzanillo is located in the south-eastern part of Cuba, in the province of Granma. The city was founded in 1784 on the shores of Guanayanabo Bay. It was the site of four battles during the Spanish-American War.
The Museum of Workers /Museo de las Luchas Obreras / is considered a unique museum. It was opened in 1982, in 1979 it was declared a national monument. Visiting the museum, you will learn about how the cell of the Communist Party of Manzanillo was created in 1925, also you will see the exposition devoted to the main moments of the class struggle before the Revolution.
Church of the Immaculate Conception (Iglesia de la Purísima Concepción, Manzanillo) is located in the park of Carlos Manuel de Céspedes. Parish Church of Purisima Concepcion Manzanillo was built in 1834, in 1920 the building was rebuilt, and in 2009 its restoration was carried out. Later a portico was added on the facade of the church. It was simply necessary for the church to be in harmony with neighboring buildings, and to create a general architectural ensemble, typical for the first half of the nineteenth century.
The temple has a neoclassical arcade facade, in which two four-level side towers stand out. The inner part harmoniously combines elements of neoclassicism, baroque and gothic style.
The Virgin of Purisima Concepción, also known as Virgen del Combate, is considered the patroness of the city since 1819. Manzanillo was attacked by corsairs and citizens protected the city with her name on her lips. The victory seemed to them a miracle and their success was associated with the divine patronage of the Virgen del Combate. Another interesting fact is that the famous Carlos Manuel de Céspedes worked as a lawyer in this parish. Carlos Manuel de Céspedes is famous because having freed the slaves on the 10 of October, 1868 and leading the struggle against the Spanish.
Address: calle Maceo entre Martí y José Miguel Gómez.
La Demajagua is located 13 kilometers from the city of Manzanillo, on the way to the coastal town of Campechella.
Here, in the territory of the manor La Demajagua, on the 10 of October, 1868, in a sugar factory Carlos Manuel de Céspedes gave the signal by a bell to start popular uprising. The Museum National Park of La Demacagua was declared a national monument on the 6 of June, 1978. It is considered one of the most important historical places in Cuba.
The city is also famous by its theatre Manzanillo, inaugurated on the 14 of September, 1856. It is considered one of the most beautiful theaters in Cuba. We recommend to see following architectural sites: Palace of Municipal Government /Palacio de Gobierno Municipal/, Market Square /Plaza de Mercado/, Casa de la Trova.
Active trade in fish and sugar in the second half of the XIX century served as a catalyst for the further development of the city. There are canneries, facilities for the production of cigars and leather products. The farm is based on the cultivation of coffee, sugar cane, rice, fruit, tobacco, also on breeding of cattle.
In the municipality there are mining sites of copper and zinc.
The most interesting objects of the city are the cafe built in 1906 that works until nowadays and the club of Spanish immigrants - " Colonia Española " (1935). In the building there are tiles demonstrating the landing of Columbus. The decoration of the courtyard is done in the Andalusian style.
A small town called Yara is located 24 km east of Manzanillo. This is a well-known place because there Carlos Manuel de Céspedes proclaimed Cuba's independence, and also there the Indian chief named Atway was executed.

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