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Island of Youth

Hotels in Island of Youth.

The Island of Youth (Isla de la Juventud) is located 100 km south of the main island of Cuba and is the second largest island and the special municipality of the Republic of Cuba.
Island Parrots, Pirate Island, Treasure Island, at different times so called the island of Juventud. Columbus discovered it during his second trip to the New World in 1494, giving it the name of Pinos and declaring the property of the Spanish crown.
Among the beaches of the island of Juventud can be identified beach Bibijagua. Unlike the many white coral beaches of Cuba, it also has black sand of volcanic origin. 3 km from Bibijagua beach there is the Paradise Beach, famous for its white coral sand.
On the Island of Youth, there are no luxury hotels, but it is here that you can get acquainted with the real Cuban atmosphere, where the tourism industry develops against the backdrop of other activities. Now a museum is open for tourists at the site of the Presidio Modello prison, which was once imprisoned by Fidel Castro. 30 km from the capital of the island is a crocodile farm, which contains more than 500 animals.
In 114 kilometers from the island of Juventud, Key Largo del Sur is an island of coral origin. Its coast stretches for more than 25 kilometers, not in vain, its name translated from Spanish, "Long Island".
Key Largo has a fantastic coral reef, an amazing "Iguana Island" and a unique reserve of marine fauna. This resort is a paradise for lovers of scuba diving.
There are about 30 local dive sites that suit both professionals and novice divers. The seabed, covered with coral growths, is cut by tunnels and steep slopes, and the animal world is striking in its diversity.


Cuba closes its borders from March 24 for a month (depending on the situation it can be extended)
All reservation requests starting today and for stays until April 30 will be denied.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

Recommended hotels in the Island of Youth

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