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Sancti Spiritus.jpg

The province of Sancti Spiritus, located in the central part of the country, has become one of the unmissable destinations of the Cuban archipelago. No other region has such a concentration and variety of tourist attractions like her, a factor that pleased the most diverse interests of the international public. This quality has determined that tourism is positioned as the main economic sector of the territory, because of an excellent hotel infrastructure. Other activities that have traditionally played a capital role in its business development are the sugar industry and the cultivation of coffee.


The Sierra del Escambray, the second mountain range in the country, occupies about 15% of the total area of the province. Because of the beauty of its landscape resources and floristic diversity, this massif holds many attractions for ecotourism. To the southeast this range presents its most recognized enclave: Topes de Collantes. This extraordinary place, a physical-geographical situation characterized by impressive hills and wide valleys, is an ideal place for lovers of hiking.

On the south coast of Sancti Spiritus there is the beautiful Ancon Peninsula, one of the most important tourist centers in the area. The strong currents of the Caribbean Sea have accumulated there about 4 km of fine sand, thanks to which have formed excellent beaches the best of the south coast as many. The most famous of all is Playa Ancon, distinctly appreciated for its peaceful and crystal clear waters. This has extraordinary seabeds of steep relief and large concentrations of black coral, accessible to visitors in more than 20 immersion points certificates.

Trinidad-Cuba.jpgThe main tourist place of Sancti Spiritus is Trinidad, a city that comprises one of the best preserved colonial architectural complexes in Latin America. This beautiful city is a true jewel of national architecture, when mixed in it various architectural styles of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

High heritage values of this city, known in Cuba as "city-museum" is further enhance from its declaration as a World Heritage since 1988. Its cobblestone streets, narrow, winding, preserved like no other place in Cuba gloomy atmosphere of the historical past of the country. The beautiful natural scenery, the pristine beaches and palpitating heritage charms are just some of the eminent charms of this wonderful land, the rest depends on the collaboration of the visitor to discover them.

Sancti Spiritus City

Sancti Spiritus, founded in 1514, is one of the first seven villages established by Spanish colonizers in Cuba. Its typical squares, narrow streets, beautiful colonial mansions and spectacular churches testify to a vast architectural practice that although brings together the most diverse styles, has a strong local color. This quality gives it its historical center, one of the most picturesque of the country a high patrimonial value that is much appreciated by its visitors.


The symbol of the city is the Yayabo Bridge, built in 1815 on the river of the same name. This structure, perfectly integrated into the beautiful surrounding cityscape, is one of the most precious assets of the city, according to the consideration of Sancti Spiritus own.

Pride of its inhabitants is the Parish Church, architectural jewel of Romanesque and Baroque style, opened in 1522 and renovated in 1680, is the second oldest religious building in the country. Among its many large squares stands the Parque Serafin Sanchez, historical and cultural place of major events for the local tradition that, today, is the main meeting point for young people from Sancti Spiritus.
The Provincial Museum is essential to know the historical, artistic and cultural legacy of this centuries-old city, with pieces representing Aboriginal, colonial and republican presence.


On the other hand, Serafin Sanchez Birthplace Museum, opened in 1990, has seven permanent galleries where a valuable collection of objects and documents belonging to distinguished heroes of the independence wars exposed.


Trinidad, the main tourist destination in southern central Cuba, is distinguished as one of the best preserved architectural ensembles of the colonial era in America. Walking through its cobbled streets, escorted spacious mansions and luxurious palaces, takes the visitor to immerse yourself in the hypnotic atmosphere of this city, which seems frozen in time. The last of the so-called "city-museum", as is known in Cuba, becomes tangible not only through its historic center, declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1988, but also from the behavior of local inhabitants, culturally integrated into the bivalent, full of reminiscences, which is seen all over the place spirit.

Valle_Ingenios.jpgTorre-Manaca-Iznaga.jpgAmong the many attractions Trinidad offers, stands the Valley of the Sugar Mills, true open air museum, where you can find remains of old houses and sugar industries of the colonial period. The most notable building of this site is the Manaca-Iznaga Tower, which, with its 45 m high, is revealed as the trace of pride and economic power of the landowners in the area.
The Municipal Museum, housed in the old Canteros´s Palace, is another unavoidable areas of the city; it pieces and documents illustrating the history of trinitarian village, in the middle of the magnificent architecture of the place and its exquisite murals, painted by renowned Italian masters are displayed.


Finally, to complete the discovery of high heritage values of the place, it is essential to visit the fourteen rooms of the Romantic Museum, recreating the atmosphere of a typical trinitarian colonial residence with a very remarkable displays of furniture and decorative arts eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Topes de Collantes

Topes de Collantes, located southeast of the Sierra del Escambray, is one of the most extraordinary landscapes of exquisite Cuban geography. His indescribable beauty, accompanied by high endemism makes it one of the favorite destinations for ecotourism lovers. Towering elevations, wide valleys and complex cave systems cover their 200 km2 extension, sheltered by an overwhelming vegetation in which pine forests, bamboo and eucalyptus abound.
These conditions make it a suitable place for hiking, characterized by a wide range of ecotourism programs, with days of 10 to 25 km and varying degrees of complexity, in which -the bird watching area has more than 45% of endemic species recorded in the country- and bathrooms in natural and jumps pools formed by rivers are the best welcomed by tourists activities.


Accompanied by a pleasant temperature, low and fresher than the national average, visitors can enjoy this exotic Salto de Caburní, a 62 m high waterfall that descends upon a natural pool of crystal clear water.


Trinidad also has the Coffee´s House Museum, a small, rustic space that reflects the long tradition of coffee growing region and you can enjoy one of the best coffees in the country.

For the accommodation of those who wish to spend the night in this wonderful environment has created a hotel infrastructure, which although discreet has all the conditions to enjoy the natural charms of the area; this highlights the Kurhotel Escambray, a plant health tourism focused on basic health care programs such as cardiovascular, neurological, geriatric and endocrine hands of specialists with long experience and prestige.

Ancon beach

The white sands at Ancón Beach are a short, 10 minute drive from Trinidad.

As such, it makes a perfect place to spend the day lounging in the sand and swimming in the Caribbean.
Ancón Beach is set along the narrow Península de Ancón, which is just 7.5 miles (12 km) south of Trinidad.
The 2,5 mile long (4 km) beach has bright white sand and warm, turquoise waters.
 There are more than 30 dive sites off Ancón Beach, including Cayo Blanco, an island that´s ringed by wonderful coral reefs.
It takes about 45 minutes to reach this island by boat.
Other recreational opportunities at Ancón Beach include deep-sea fishing and snorkeling.

There are several other beaches along the Península de Ancón. These beaches are smaller but just as beautiful, and some have restaurants serving fresh seafood and cold beer.
The tiny fishing village of La Boca, at the head of the peninsula, has a few other beaches as well.

To get to Ancón Beach, you can take a taxi or bus from Trinidad, or else make the 45-minute bike ride here.
Alternatively, some travelers prefer to stay in La Boca or Ancón Beach and to make trips into Trinidad.


Cuba closes its borders from March 24 for a month (depending on the situation it can be extended)
All reservation requests starting today and for stays until April 30 will be denied.
We apologize for the inconvenience.


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