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  Pinar del Rio.jpg
Pinar del Rio, the country’s westernmost province, has earned the approval of the most demanding ecological tourism for the beauty and uniqueness of its landscapes. The natural freshness that prevails in its contoursmakes the Cuban floraunique, have earned a reputation within the provinces of greater diversity and natural conservation throughout the country. Thanks to conservation awareness of his government, more than 22% of its area is included in the national system of protected areas. Pinar del Rio is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the charms of the exuberant Cuban nature.

Known as the "Garden of Cuba", Pinar del Rio is famous for its almost perfect natural beauty, and for being the place where the best tobacco of the world is produced. His extraordinary fertile lands bring places to several natural parks such as the Viñales Valley, declared World Patrmonio, and two Biosphere Reserves of UNESCO.


The magnificent natural conditions of its landscapes, notorious for its high rate of endemism, led UNESCO to declare World Biosphere Reserve to two of its enclaves. Best known for the international audience is the Guanahacabibes Peninsula, isolated region that holds a national park and two natural reserves: Cabo Corrientes and the Veral. Beyond its virgin forest and abundant wildlife, this place has more than 20 excellent beaches, equipped with beautiful seascapes and a pleasant climate.

The most famous tourist place of the province is the Viñales Valley, declared a World Heritage Since in 1999. The uniqueness of its flora and fauna, along with its bucolic landscapes, picturesque houses covered by the local peasantry, can be admirable even at the most incólume visitor.
Its most distinctive feature is peculiar steep elevations base and flat tops, called mogotes, which there’s not any other similar one in the Cuban geography. In addition, geological conditions make them worthy of complex cave systems, among the most beautiful and extensive in Latin America, which place it as a prior spelean destination in the country.

In the southwestern part of Pinar del Rio are the towns of San Juan y Martinez and San Luis, home of the most eminent and quoted on the island product: the cigar.

Vegas-Robaina-Famoso-4-480x330.pngVegas_Robaina.jpgThe province is known as the "Mecca of Tobacco" by the remarkable quality of their product, and their plantations and dryers allow tourists to soak up the mysteries of cultivation of this noble plant.
Its extensive vegas of "covered tobacco" fine fabric covered plantations, offer one of the most captivating sensory stimulations national soil: the magical mix of various hues leaf snuff and sweet aroma. Special bonus brings the El Pinar, home of the world famous Vegas Robaina. Anyway, this beautiful and fascinating treasures province a considerable part of the authentic universe of Cuba: the plant of snuff and candor of those who cultivate it.

What to visit?

Cayo Levisa

Cayo Levisa, located on the north coast of Pinar del Rio is one of the most idyllic places of many important natural destinations that abound in the country.
This small island, barely 2,5 km2 extension was discovered by Ernest Hemingway when, in the early forties of the last century, this established a fishing camp on Cayo Paraiso, located about 10 km to the east.
Since then, hundreds of tourists flock to this place, seduced by the beauty of its surroundings, recognized for its dense mangroves and its remarkable variety of seabirds.
When meeting 2 km from the mainland, you get him through a vessel that, from their point of departure in Palma Rubia says idyllic journey with the bright sun of Cuba and its blue waters of multiple hues.

The main attraction of Cayo Levisa is its magnificent beach, ranked one of the best in the area for the warmth of its waters and its 2.500 m of fine white sand.
The diving and snorkeling are in their coral reef, about 2000 m from the coast, not only one of the largest in the world, but one of the most beautiful seascapes of the Caribbean. It is well preserved coral formations, populated by a large colony of starfish and sea fans, which astonishes by the varied and abundant marine wildlife hosts.

City of Pinar del Rio

Pinar del Rio is the capital of the Cuban province of the same name, the westernmost of the Cuban archipelago.
As the capital of snuff, in this land that glory of producing the best in the world, one of its most eminent pride is the Cigar Factory.

Fabrica_de_Tabacos_Francisco_ Donatien.jpg

Cigar Factory Francisco Donatien

Is open to the curious eye of the tourist, authentic Cuban cigars are made by traditional processes with several centuries of tradition.
With a gentle climate, warm and moderately humid seasonally, there is nothing more pleasant to walk its streets, accompanied by friendly local people who insist on showing visitors the attractions of the city.


Rum Factory Guayabita del Pinar

Where it is processed and prepared the delicious and aromatic Guayabita del Pinar rum.


Independence Park

Former Plaza de Armas, following the colonial urban typologies, gathers around the most important buildings of Spanish power in the territory.


Guasch Palace

An eclectic and stately residence today Science Museum has become for its architectural symbol of the city values.


José Jacinto Milanés the Theatre

Being founded in 1845 is one of the oldest in the country.

Cabo de San Antonio

Cape San Antonio is the westernmost tip of Cuba, which is part of the Biosphere Reserve Guanahacabibes Peninsula in the province of Pinar del Río. It is washed by the waters of the Strait of Yucatan. In it the Roncali lighthouse stands 22.5 meters high, built in the second half of the nineteenth century, the master of the same name. Every 10 seconds the headlight beam makes two visible emissions up to 30 km away, which guides the maritime traffic in the area. Very close is the beach Tombs.

Maria La Gorda

Maria La Gorda is primarily a diving center internationally recognized for its transparent and crystal clear waters in a coral reef located north of the province of Pinar del Rio in Cuba.
Maria la Gorda has numerous sites where diving class. Its unique black coral colony begins to aprecirse from 14 meters, with a variety of landscapes and fish. Maria la Gorda has a hotel where most divers staying.


The freshly plowed furrows extending to the horizon with its bright red earth, the mountains seem to leave the land as huge trees and reach the sky; the colors of peasant life; the land between what nature creates the perfect agreement between the dry guano, and bright green grass, and what man builds; in short, the whole concept of coexistence and natural harmony, the very concepts of fullness and majesty seem self-explanatory when it is perceived to Viñales: the most impressive moment of the Cuban landscape.


Viñales Valley, which includes the National Park Viñales with its 150 km2 was declared a Natural World Heritage place by UNESCO in 1999. In its breathtaking scenery are remarkable the peculiar karst rock mountains, steep base and flat tops called hummocks, unique in Cuba and comparable only with those in China and Malaysia. The whole area, for its geological features, has one of the most complex sets of Cuba cavernosa.


La Cueva del Indio (The Indian’s cave)

Is the site of an old native settlement that found several burials, and is crossed by the icy waters of an underground river in boats traveled by visitors. There is also the Cave of San Miguel that is the historic arena of Maroons, something like the natural strength of fugitives slaves of their masters. Meanwhile, the Gran Caverna de Santo Tomas is the longest cave system in Cuba, an adventure in the land himself.

Valle_de_Viñales.jpgMural of Prehistory

In another sense highlights the monumental project of the Mural of Prehistory, led by local artist Leovigildo González in 1961. This is a huge pictorial representation on the rocks, 120m long and almost 60 meters high, the final achievement involved the work about 20 workers for nearly four years without interruption. The Mural of Prehistory with its psychedelic colors and multiple forms, stands within the natural landscape as a mark of the unusual in Cuba. The hotel Los Jazmines, with its swimming pool faces the impressive landscape, has the best view of the place; and the La Ermita boasts the best restaurant for its panoramic view of the sunset in the valley.

The attractive landscape of Viñales exhibits its drying and peasant huts with pride own the best land for the cultivation of snuff in the world. The leaves hang from wooden beams and dry from February to May in an entirely handmade, which makes Pinar del Rio snuff the most requested in the world, and the most praised for its many historical enthusiasts as Ernesto Guevara, Che, John F. Kennedy, Ernest Hemingway, among others.

Viñales is one of the places par excellence of nature tourism in Cuba.



Cuba closes its borders from March 24 for a month (depending on the situation it can be extended)
All reservation requests starting today and for stays until April 30 will be denied.
We apologize for the inconvenience.


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