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In Cuba you are never too far from some ideal beach.
Hence, that only about 18 km from the center of Havana You can find the Eastern Beaches, an extension of almost 10 km across the Atlantic coast of the city.

Integrated by: Bacuranao and Boca Ciega, Tarará, El Mégano, Santa Maria del Mar, and Guanabo.
Each of these beaches has its own characteristics, charms and attractions, in some there are villas, hotels or private accommodations etc.
In the following map you can see in detail all the previous beaches with the access roads and the main places of interest.


Bacuranao and Boca Ciega beaches,

Bacuranao and Boca Ciega, represent the gay destination of the area, are perhaps the most modest.
It has 1.5 km of coastline with a very white sand beach.
In these areas doesn´t have hotel facilities.


The Tarará Beach,

Playa_Tarara (3).jpg

Tarará is a modern urbanization and private residential area created at the end of the 40th, on the border of the river of the same name and with a beach of white sands.
All the houses and buildings have a wonderful view, due to its relief with a gentle descent towards the sea.

The name of the place was given by Indians, former people of the area, due to the trumpet sound TA-RA-RA with which announced the shipment of copper that was extracted from the nearby copper mines in the XVI century by the Spanish colonizers, even one street of the town, closest to the sea have the name of Copper.

For several years Tarará was the city of the pioneers of Cuba, "International Pioneers Camp of Tarará", later a healing site for Ukrainian children affected by the tragedy of Chernobyl.
It is currently a tourist village.

There are two beach areas, one at the mouth of the river with a nautical base (Marina Tarará). In front of them, the old jetty, according to Ernest Hemingway opinion, is the safest dock in Havana; the other beach area is in the east, by the end of city, facing to the Club House and is one of the best beaches in the east.

Playa_Tarara (2).jpg

The Playa El Mégano,

El Mégano is a small beach area, about 800 m, located between Tarara and Santa María del Mar.
It is very popular through Cubans because of its easy access.
Like the other beaches of the area, El Mégano has white sand and very beautiful blue water with different shades.

Playa_el_Megano.jpgPlaya_el_Megano (2).jpg

The Playa Santa Maria del Mar,

Santa Maria del Mar is the most popular beach.
It is located along a coastal strip with abundant sand and vegetation of caletas grapes that protects it, its water is very crystalline.
It limits to the west with the beach El Mégano Beach and extends by 3 km until the Boca Ciega Beach .
Santa Maria is characterized by not having residential area like other beaches, only some isolated houses.

Playa_Santa_Maria_del_Mar (2).jpg

The Playa Guanabo,

Guanabo Beach is the oldest and largest beach on the east, in the area you can find all kinds of commercial, recreational and recreational facilities.
Each stretch of beach is known by different names: Marbella, Playa Hermosa, Playa Cuba, Playa Libre, Guanabo, Venetian Beach and Brisas del Mar.

The beach of Guanabo is mainly residential without hotel facilities.

Bar_Mirador_Bellomonte (2).jpg

A beautiful view of the entire beach and town can be seen from the Bar-Mirador Bellomonte a viewponit, to the right of the Via Blanca.

In a general opinion, Las Playas del Este “Eastern Beaches” can be considered to be the most affordable beach for residents of Havana.

During the summer this beach is full of life with its beach umbrellas full of bright colors, domino tables on the sand and food provisions for the whole family.

It is a destination that offers its charms to Cubans and foreigners.

Clear and blue waters, skies with white clouds and fine sands, heated throughout the year by the eternal Caribbean sun.


Undoubtedly a place you should not miss.


Cuba closes its borders from March 24 for a month (depending on the situation it can be extended)
All reservation requests starting today and for stays until April 30 will be denied.
We apologize for the inconvenience.


Select a hotel to view more details APARTHOTEL LAS TERRAZAS ATLANTICO Ave. Las Terrazas e/ 12 y Rotonda, SANTA MARIA BEACH (HAVANA) From$ 47.00 > ATLANTICO Ave. de las Terrazas, SANTA MARIA BEACH (HAVANA) From$ 70.00 > CLUB BRAVO ARENAL Laguna de Boca Ciega, SANTA MARIA BEACH (HAVANA) From$ 54.00 > MARAZUL Ave. Banderas y Las Terrazas, SANTA MARIA BEACH (HAVANA) From$ 42.00 > VILLA BACURANAO Vía Blanca km 15 1/2., BACURANAO BEACH (HAVANA) From$ 28.00 > VILLA LOS PINOS Ave. Las Terrazas Nº 21, SANTA MARIA BEACH (HAVANA) From$ 34.00 >

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