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Matanzas Province

Hotels in Matanzas.

The Province of Matanzas, famous for its beautiful nature and the charm of the African past, has an impeccable reputation among the most demanding tourists from all over the world. Since the XIX century, the province has become an important enclave of the national economy, thanks to the enormous tourism potential and achievements of the agricultural sector. Here you have the opportunity to have a good rest and fully experience the unique color of Cuba. A lot of interesting attractions, magnificent nature, picturesque cities, pristine beaches, as well as friendly and hospitable local people will make your holiday unforgettable.
In the province of Matanzas, there is also the Montemar Natural Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001. The park unites more than 900 species of flora and fauna and is home to rare species such as manatee, Cuban crocodile, shellfish, etc.
Located in the south-central part of Matanzas, right next to the peninsula of Zapata, Jaguey Grande is among the most visited tourist places in the region.
The Giron Beach was named after a French pirate who used the bay as the only refuge. This place perfectly combines a rich history and beautiful nature.
Unique underwater landscapes have to do with diving. From the beach of Chiron it is convenient to reach the bay of Caleta Buena and Punta Perdiz, these places will not leave indifferent even the most experienced divers and snorkelers. Also worth a visit is the "Fish Cave". The water in the cave has incredible transparency and a beautiful azure color. Even standing on the shore, you can view the richest world of the flora and fauna of this cave.
The peninsula of Zapata, located on the southern coast of the province of Matanzas, is one of the most charming places in Cuba. This is the largest biosphere reserve on the islands of the Caribbean Sea. Here is Larga Beach, which boasts some of the best beaches on the peninsula, as well as its crocodile farm.
Rest on the peninsula of Zapata will not be complete without visiting the tourist center of Guama.
The center is located in the middle of the Treasure Lagoon. Twelve small islands, connected by wooden bridges, a canal system, an Indian village, a crocodile farm and a botanical garden are all Guama. The main entertainment here is fishing. Inveterate fishermen come here in full armor.
Cardenas, located in the northern part of the province of Matanzas, has a rich history, despite the fact that it was built in 1828. Called "The City of the Flag", the city has witnessed many historical events.
The city of the same name, Matanzas, the provincial capital, gained fame, thanks to the colonial charm of architecture, the straight streets, and the rivers flowing through the city. Matanzas is called the "the City of Bridges". The province has the highest bridge on the Island, the Bacunayaga Bridge. Its height is 110 meters. From the bridge, you can see the landscapes of the Yumuri valley.
Guidebooks on Matanzas call it "the City of Bridges" (there are 17 of them), "Cuban Venice" and "Cuban Athens".
Matanzas is also the cultural capital of Cuba. Among the main attractions of the city is the chapel of Montserrat, the castle of San Severino, as well as the theater of Sauto, famous for the performances of Sarah Bernhard and Anna Pavlova. The building of the Sauto Theater is located on Vigia Square, which is considered the site of the foundation of Matanzas. There are many interesting sights on this square, among which there is the Junco Palace, where the city museum of the city is located. A few kilometers from the city there are caves with stalactites and stalagmites.
In the province of Matanzas is located one of the best resorts in Cuba, Varadero.
The magical combination of fine white sand with gently blue warm waters deserved for Varadero the title of the second most important tourist destination of Cuba after Havana. It is in Varadero that the largest hotel infrastructure in the country is concentrated; more than 20 certified diving centers are located here.
Recommended: the Josono Park (located in the heart of Varadero, and takes about nine hectares), karst cave Ambrosio, located in Varadero National Park.
In Varadero there is also the International Parachute Center and the Varadero Golf Club, the first club in Cuba with a professional field of 18 holes, which offer a pass for 72 hits.
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Recommended hotels in Matanzas Province

Select a hotel to view more details ACUAZUL Ave. 1ra. y Calle 13, VARADERO From$ 41.00 > APARTHOTEL MAR DEL SUR Ave. 3ra. y Calle 30, VARADERO From$ 95.00 > APARTHOTEL MELIA MARINA VARADERO Punta Hicacos, Autopista del Sur y Final, VARADERO From$ 69.00 > ARENAS DORADAS Autopista Varadero Km. 12, VARADERO From$ 63.00 > BARCELO ALLEGRO PALMA REAL Calle 1era 64, VARADERO From$ 47.00 > BARCELO OCCIDENTAL ARENAS BLANCAS Calle 64 Final, VARADERO From$ 74.00 > BARCELO SOLYMAR Carretera Las Américas Km. 3, VARADERO From$ 69.00 > BARLOVENTO ( + 16 YEARS OLD ) Calle 1ra entre 9 y 12, VARADERO From$ 46.00 > BE LIVE EXPERIENCE LOS CACTUS ( + 18 YEARS OLD) Carretera Las Américas, Km 3, VARADERO From$ 69.00 > BE LIVE EXPERIENCE TURQUESA Las Morlas, Km.12,5 (Reparto La Torre), VARADERO From$ 58.00 > BE LIVE EXPERIENCE TUXPAN Ave. Las Américas. Km 2, VARADERO From$ 72.00 > BE LIVE EXPERIENCE VARADERO Carretera Las Americas Km 3,5, VARADERO From$ 57.00 > BRISAS DEL CARIBE Carretera Las Morlas, km 12 ½, VARADERO From$ 74.00 > CANIMAO Carretera Vía Blanca, Km 4 ½, Reparto Canímar, MATANZAS From$ 23.00 > CLUB KAREY Calle O, Reparto Kawama, VARADERO From$ 46.00 > CLUB TROPICAL Ave. 1ra, entre calle 21 y 23, VARADERO From$ 49.00 > DOS MARES Calle 53 y 1ra. Ave, VARADERO From$ 29.00 > E. VELASCO Contreras e/ Santa Teresa y Ayuntamiento, MATANZAS From$ 51.00 > FIESTA AMERICANA PUNTA VARADERO Autopista Sur final, VARADERO From$ 97.00 > GRAND MEMORIES VARADERO (ADULTS AREA) Autopista Sur, Km. 18 ½, VARADERO From$ 67.00 > HORIZONTES PLAYA LARGA Playa Larga, Península de Zapata Km 32, LONG BEACH (PLAYA LARGA) From$ 40.00 > IBEROSTAR BELLA COSTA Carretera Las Américas, Km. 3, VARADERO From$ 63.00 > IBEROSTAR LAGUNA AZUL Autopista Sur, Km 18 ½, VARADERO From$ 87.00 > IBEROSTAR PLAYA ALAMEDA ( + 18 YEARS OLD ) Carretera Las Morlas, Km 19, VARADERO From$ 78.00 > IBEROSTAR SELECTION BELLA VISTA VARADERO Carretera Las Morlas Km 11, VARADERO From$ 98.00 > IBEROSTAR SELECTION VARADERO Carretera Las Morlas, Km 17 ½, VARADERO From$ 125.00 > IBEROSTAR TAINOS Las Morlas, Km. 12 ½, VARADERO From$ 67.00 > KAWAMA Primera Avenida y Calle 1, Reparto Kawama, VARADERO From$ 46.00 > LABRANDA VARADERO Autopista Sur, Km 11, VARADERO From$ 63.00 > LOS DELFINES Ave. 1ra., y Calle 39, VARADERO From$ 55.00 > MAR DEL SUR Ave. 3ra. y Calle 30, VARADERO From$ 49.00 > MELIA INTERNACIONAL VARADERO Avenida Las Américas, Km 1, VARADERO From$ 138.00 > MELIA LAS AMERICAS ( + 18 YEARS OLD ) Autopista Sur, VARADERO From$ 109.00 > MELIA LAS ANTILLAS ( + 16 YEARS OLD ) Carretera Las Morlas, km 14, VARADERO From$ 80.00 > MELIA MARINA VARADERO Punta Hicacos, Autopista del Sur y Final, VARADERO From$ 92.00 > MELIA PENINSULA VARADERO Punta Hicacos, VARADERO From$ 90.00 > MELIA VARADERO Autopista Sur, km 9, VARADERO From$ 92.00 > MEMORIES VARADERO Carretera al Sur, Km 18.½, VARADERO From$ 58.00 > MUTHU PLAYA VARADERO Carretera Las Morlas, Km 12 1/2, VARADERO From$ 57.00 > OCEAN VARADERO EL PATRIARCA Autopista Sur Km 18, VARADERO From$ 96.00 > OCEAN VISTA AZUL Autopista Sur, km 11, VARADERO From$ 108.00 > PARADISUS PRINCESA DEL MAR ( + 18 YEARS OLD ) Carretera Las Morlas, km 19 1/2, VARADERO From$ 126.00 > PARADISUS VARADERO Punta Francés, VARADERO From$ 132.00 > PLAYA GIRON Playa Girón, GIRON BEACH From$ 51.00 > PULLMAN Calle 1ra. Ave. e/ 49 y 50, VARADERO From$ 29.00 > PUNTA BLANCA Caretera de Kawama final, VARADERO From$ 39.00 > PUNTARENA - PLAYA CALETA Ave. Kawama y Final, VARADERO From$ 40.00 > ROYALTON HICACOS ( + 18 YEARS OLD ) Carretera Las Morlas, Km. 15, VARADERO From$ 141.00 > SOL PALMERAS Autopista Sur, VARADERO From$ 102.00 > SOL VARADERO BEACH ( + 16 YEARS OLD ) Avenida Las Américas, Calle K, VARADERO From$ 64.00 > STARFISH CUATRO PALMAS ( + 16 YEARS OLD ) Avenida 1ra, entre 60 y 64, VARADERO From$ 57.00 > STARFISH LAS PALMAS ( + 16 YEARS OLD ) Avenida 1ra entre 60 y 64, VARADERO From$ 48.00 > STARFISH VARADERO Carretera Las Morlas Km 14.5, VARADERO From$ 50.00 > SUNBEACH Calle 17 entre 1ra y 3ra, VARADERO From$ 40.00 > VARAZUL Calle 13 e/ 1ra. Ave. y Camino del Mar, VARADERO From$ 41.00 > VILLA FINCA DON PEDRO Carretera Playa Girón, Km 1 1/2, JAGUEY GRANDE From$ 36.00 > VILLA GUAMA Carretera Playa Larga, Km 19, Laguna del Tesoro, GUAMA (MATANZAS) From$ 36.00 > VILLA PLAYA GIRON Playa Girón, GIRON BEACH From$ 103.00 > VILLA SOTAVENTO Calle 13 e/ 1ra. Ave. y Camino del Mar, VARADERO From$ 41.00 > VILLA TORTUGA Calle 9 entre Bulevar y Avenida Kawama, VARADERO From$ 46.00 >

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