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Hotels in Havana Province

Hotels in Havana.

Havana is both the capital of the Republic of Cuba, and the center of the province of Havana. The city is divided into 15 municipalities: Playa, Revolution Square, Centro Habana, Old Havana, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Regla, Havana del Este, Guanabacoa, San Miguel del Padrón, Diez de Octubre, Cerro, , Marianao, La Lisa, Boyeros, Arroyo Naranjo, Cotorro,
Havana is one of the most beautiful island capitals in the world. In 1984, the sights of Havana were inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. We strongly recommend visiting the following World Cultural Heritage sites: La Real-Fuerza Fortress (1583), Santa Clara Monastery (1644), Immaculate Conception Cathedral (1656), Town Hall (1792), Cathedral Square with the Cathedral (XVIII century, Plaza de la Catedral)
And also: the National Capitol, the Grand Theater of Havana, the National Museum (there is a work of art both modern and past centuries, including the period of Antiquity), the José Martí House Museum, the Napoleonic Museum (exhibits date back to the period 1789 - 1815), the Museum of the City of Havana, the Ernest Hemingway House Museum, and the Guanabocoa Museum (exhibits of Afro-Cuban traditional rituals are collected here). You can also plunge into the distinctive African-American culture by visiting the Palacio de la Rumba ("The Palace of Rumba"),
The heart and soul of Havana is the Old City (La Habana Vieja). Here is just a small list of historical and cultural attractions, which we highly recommend for viewing:
• The Plaza de Armas with a statue of the patriot Carlos Manuel de Céspedes
• The Old Chapel in Havana "El Temple"
• Palace of Captain Generals
• Obispo street
• Bars "El Floridita" and "La Bodeguita del Medio", where you can try the best mojito in Havana.
To the east of Havana lies the fishing village of Cojimar. Here it is worth to visit the restaurant La Terraza, where he loved to visit Hemingway with his friend and Gregorio, captain of the Pilar yacht. A visit to Cojimar will leave an indelible impression among travelers who prefer to spend their free time on fishing, as well as for those who enjoy walks on the yacht.
The municipality of Marianao is famous for the fact that it is here that the old Afro-Cuban religious traditions survived. Ceremonies dedicated to "Orishas" (gods and patrons of elements and objects in santeria) are often held in the homes of local residents. It is in Marianao is the famous "Tropicana" club, whose colorful show is known all over the world.
In Miramar from Vedado leads, in particular, the 23rd street (Calle 23, or La Rampa), which crosses the entire territory of Vedado. On the northern outskirts of the area is the Malecon Embankment, which regularly hosts a variety of entertainment and social events. Here there are numerous hotels, restaurants and clubs. In Vedado, you should visit the Lennon Park, the Colon Cemetery, which can rightly be considered a museum in the open air!
One of the attractions of the Miramar district is the Jesús de Miramar Church, which is the second largest church in Cuba after the Cathedral of Havana. The church was built in 1948-1953.
In 1939 in New Vedado the first zoo on the Island was built. Today the zoo is a favorite place for family holidays. The area is also convenient because it is easy to get to the main areas of Havana, as well as to the capital's international airport.
The eastern beaches of Havana include from the west to the east: the beaches of Bacuranao, Tarara, El Megano, Santa Maria del Mar, Boca Siega, Guanabo, Venetian and Rincon. 7 km of white sand beaches...
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Cuba closes its borders from March 24 for a month (depending on the situation it can be extended)
All reservation requests starting today and for stays until April 30 will be denied.
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Recommended hotels in Havana Province

Select a hotel to view more details AMBOS MUNDOS Calle Obispo Nº 153 esquina a Mercaderes, OLD HAVANA (HAVANA) From$ 70.00 > APARTHOTEL LAS TERRAZAS ATLANTICO Ave. Las Terrazas e/ 12 y Rotonda, SANTA MARIA BEACH (HAVANA) From$ 47.00 > ARMADORES DE SANTANDER Calle Luz Nº 4, esquina a San Pedro, OLD HAVANA (HAVANA) From$ 94.00 > ATLANTICO Ave. de las Terrazas, SANTA MARIA BEACH (HAVANA) From$ 70.00 > BE LIVE HABANA CITY COPACABANA Ave. 1ra. # 4404 entre 44 y 46, MIRAMAR (HAVANA) From$ 51.00 > BELLA HABANA Calle Conill entre Marino y Boyeros, NEW VEDADO (HAVANA) From$ 34.00 > BELLO CARIBE Calle 158 esquina 31, Playa, MIRAMAR (HAVANA) From$ 79.00 > BELTRAN SANTA CRUZ San Ignacio 411, entre Muralla y Sol, OLD HAVANA (HAVANA) From$ 78.00 > BRUZON Calle Bruzón No. 217, PLAZA (HAVANA) From$ 20.00 > CARIBBEAN Prado # 164 entre Colon y Refugio, OLD HAVANA (HAVANA) From$ 32.00 > CHATEAU MIRAMAR BY BE LIVE Ave. 1ra ente 60 y 70, Playa, MIRAMAR (HAVANA) From$ 35.00 > CLUB ACUARIO 5ta Avenida y 248, Santa Fé, MARINA HEMINGWAY From$ 56.00 > CLUB BRAVO ARENAL Laguna de Boca Ciega, SANTA MARIA BEACH (HAVANA) From$ 54.00 > COLINA Calle L entre 27 y Jovellar, VEDADO (HAVANA) From$ 29.00 > COMODORO Ave. 3ra y calle 84, MIRAMAR (HAVANA) From$ 71.00 > CONDE DE VILLANUEVA Calle Mercaderes Nº 202, esquina a Lamparilla, OLD HAVANA (HAVANA) From$ 94.00 > DEAUVILLE Calle Galiano # 1 entre San Lázaro y Malecón, CENTRAL HAVANA (HAVANA) From$ 46.00 > EL BOSQUE C/ 28A e/ 49A y 49C, Reparto Kohly, KOHLY (HAVANA) From$ 86.00 > EL MESON DE LA FLOTA Calle Mercaderes Nº 257 entre Amargura y Teniente Rey, OLD HAVANA (HAVANA) From$ 78.00 > EL VIEJO Y EL MAR 5ta Avenida y 248, Santa Fé, MARINA HEMINGWAY From$ 56.00 > FLORIDA Calle Obispo, esquina a Cuba, OLD HAVANA (HAVANA) From$ 94.00 > FOUR POINTS BY SHERATON HAVANA Avenida 5ta A 76 - 80, MIRAMAR (HAVANA) From$ 62.00 > GRAN HOTEL MANZANA KEMPINSKI LA HABANA Calle San Rafael e/ Monserrate y Zulueta, OLD HAVANA (HAVANA) From$ 322.00 > H10 HABANA PANORAMA Avenida 3ra y Calle 70, MIRAMAR (HAVANA) From$ 124.00 > HABANA RIVIERA BY IBEROSTAR Paseo Nº 1 e/ 1ra y Malecón, VEDADO (HAVANA) From$ 86.00 > HOSTAL EL COMENDADOR Calle Obrapía Nº 55, esquina a Baratillo, OLD HAVANA (HAVANA) From$ 94.00 > HOSTAL VALENCIA Calle Oficios Nº 53, esquina a Obrapía, OLD HAVANA (HAVANA) From$ 78.00 > IBEROSTAR GRAND HOTEL PACKARD Prado y Malecón, OLD HAVANA (HAVANA) From$ 143.00 > IBEROSTAR PARQUE CENTRAL Neptuno entre Prado y Zulueta, CENTRAL HAVANA (HAVANA) From$ 138.00 > INGLATERRA Paseo del Prado, # 416 esquina San Rafael, OLD HAVANA (HAVANA) From$ 125.00 > KOHLY Calle 28 A entre 49A y 49C Reparto Kohly, KOHLY (HAVANA) From$ 69.00 > LIDO Consulado # 210 entre Animas y Trocadero, OLD HAVANA (HAVANA) From$ 23.00 > LINCOLN Virtudes # 157 esquina Galiano, CENTRAL HAVANA (HAVANA) From$ 25.00 > LOS FRAILES Calle Teniente Rey Nº 8 entre Mercaderes y Oficios, OLD HAVANA (HAVANA) From$ 78.00 > MARAZUL Ave. Banderas y Las Terrazas, SANTA MARIA BEACH (HAVANA) From$ 42.00 > MARIPOSA Autopista Novia del Mediodía, km 6 1/2, LA LISA (HAVANA) From$ 48.00 > MARQUES DE PRADO AMENO Calle O'Reilly, esquina a Cuba, OLD HAVANA (HAVANA) From$ 94.00 > MELIA COHIBA Ave. Paseo entre 1ª y 3ª, VEDADO (HAVANA) From$ 178.00 > MELIA HABANA Ave. 3era, e/ 76 y 80, MIRAMAR (HAVANA) From$ 132.00 > MEMORIES MIRAMAR HABANA 5ta Avenida 72-76, MIRAMAR (HAVANA) From$ 103.00 > NACIONAL DE CUBA Calle O esquina 21, VEDADO (HAVANA) From$ 97.00 > NEPTUNO - TRITON Avenida 3ª y Calle 74, MIRAMAR (HAVANA) From$ 34.50 > NH CAPRI Ave. 21, esquina N, VEDADO (HAVANA) From$ 70.00 > PALACIO DE CUETO Calle Inquisidor esquina a Muralla, OLD HAVANA (HAVANA) From$ 94.00 > PALACIO DEL MARQUES DE SAN FELIPE Y SANTIAGO DE BEJUCAL Oficios 152 esquina a Amargura, Plaza San Francisco de Asis, OLD HAVANA (HAVANA) From$ 117.00 > PALACIO O´FARRIL Calle Cuba 102-108 entre Chacón y Tejadillo, OLD HAVANA (HAVANA) From$ 94.00 > PANAMERICANO Calle A y Avenida Central, COJIMAR (HAVANA) From$ 26.00 > PASEO HABANA Calle 17 esquina A, VEDADO (HAVANA) From$ 44.00 > PLAZA Ignacio Agramonte # 267, OLD HAVANA (HAVANA) From$ 92.00 > PRESIDENTE Calle Calzada # 110 esquina Ave. de los Presidentes, VEDADO (HAVANA) From$ 69.00 > RAQUEL Calle Amargura, Nº 103, esquina a San Ignacio, OLD HAVANA (HAVANA) From$ 94.00 > RESIDENCIA HABANA 612 Habana Nº 612 entre Teniente Rey y Muralla, OLD HAVANA (HAVANA) From$ 78.00 > SAN ALEJANDRO Avenida 31 entre 76 y 78, MARIANAO (HAVANA) From$ 26.00 > SAN MIGUEL Calle Cuba Nº 2, esquina Peña Pobre, OLD HAVANA (HAVANA) From$ 94.00 > SARATOGA Calle Paseo del Prado 603, esq. a Dragones., OLD HAVANA (HAVANA) From$ 311.00 > SEVILLA Calle Trocadero # 55, OLD HAVANA (HAVANA) From$ 106.00 > SO/ PASEO DEL PRADO LA HABANA Calle Prado e/ Malecón y San Lázaro, CENTRAL HAVANA (HAVANA) From$ 184.00 > STARFISH MONTE HABANA Avenida 70 entre 5ta y 7ma avenida, MIRAMAR (HAVANA) From$ 63.00 > TEJADILLO Tejadillo, Nº 12, esquina a San Ignacio, OLD HAVANA (HAVANA) From$ 94.00 > TELEGRAFO Prado 408, esquina Neptuno, OLD HAVANA (HAVANA) From$ 94.00 > TERRAL Malecon, esquina Lealtad, CENTRAL HAVANA (HAVANA) From$ 94.00 > TRYP HABANA LIBRE Calle 23 y L., VEDADO (HAVANA) From$ 74.00 > TULIPAN Calle Factor e/ Tulipán y Lombillo, NEW VEDADO (HAVANA) From$ 28.00 > VEDADO - SAINT JOHN'S Calle O esq. 25, VEDADO (HAVANA) From$ 46.00 > VILLA BACURANAO Vía Blanca km 15 1/2., BACURANAO BEACH (HAVANA) From$ 28.00 > VILLA LOS PINOS Ave. Las Terrazas Nº 21, SANTA MARIA BEACH (HAVANA) From$ 34.00 >

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