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Camagüey, with a total area of 15.990 km2, is the largest province land area of Cuba. His earliest history was dominated by the Tainos, agroalfarera culture that divided the area into three chiefdoms: Camagüey, Camaguayo and Guáimaro. After the arrival of the Spaniards these arrived to extinction, but not before leaving a profound mark on the place names and local customs. Under the tutelage of colonial rule, livestock became the main business of the territory, being a determining factor in its rapid growth. Even today, livestock production prevails as the key economic sector in the region.

This is an eminently flat province, disturbed only by the condition of Cubitas Sierra, a small mountain range whose highest altitude only reaches 330 m above the sea. Its dense vegetation provides refuge to large populations of colorful birds, a factor that gives it a top place in the national ornithological tourism.
Among the most common species is the tocororo, the parrot and the catey.
On the other hand, on the slopes you can find several cave sets of great archaeological interest, given the magnificent cave paintings that decorate its walls.


The beautiful coastline of Camagüey has over 20 km of sandy beaches, internationally recognized for the warmth and clarity of the water.
The most famous of all is Playa Santa Lucia, a natural spa that still maintains the virginal aspect of its contours. 200 m from the shore is the second largest reef barrier in the world, whose exploration introduces the visitor into a fascinating world dominated by 50 species of coral and 500 of tropical fish
Ciudad de Camaguey.jpg

In the vicinity of its main city, self-titled name, tourists can visit the country's largest historic district. It is characterized by an irregular urban layout, and was declared a World Heritage by UNESCO in 2008. The reason behind this name is the rich domestic and monumental architecture that identifies, essentially related to the baroque and neoclassical styles.

Camagüey City


Camagüey city was founded in 1514, with the name of Santa Maria del Puerto del Principe, one of the first seven villages established by Spanish settlers on the island. The asymmetrical layout of its streets, designed as a defense mechanism against the continued attack by pirates, forms an urban model unprecedented in Latin America.

The largest in the country, historic center, was declared a World Heritage by UNESCO in 2008.

A tour through the streets, among the unique clay tiles from their homes and anachronistic cobblestones, leads the passerby familiar with the historical and cultural development of the city, expressed fully in its rich monumental and domestic architecture. His famous tinajones, which have earned him the epithet of "city of tinajones" are the most distinctive of the same decorative element, but have lost their utilitarian function they had yesteryear.


For its rich history, fundamental in the socio-historical evolution and identity of the country, the city is full of museums of great historical value, being the most representative Museo Casa Natal Ignacio Agramonte and the Provincial Museum. The first, dedicated to the homonymous independence hero, he has a large collection of objects and documents relating to the life of this personality, very illustrative of historical events that accompanied the separatist camagüeyanas armies during wars in Cuba.


Housed in an elegant colonial building, built in the second half of the eighteenth century, provides a unique tourist attraction in itself, given the remarkable architectural attributes presented. The Provincial Museum, on the other hand, is established in the former headquarters of Caballerías the Spanish colonial army.

Santa Lucia Beach

Playa Santa Lucia is located at the eastern end of the northern coast of Camaguey province, 110 km from the Camaguey city. By its 20 km of fine white sand, competes with Varadero extension, differing from this by her, just worn by the tourist infrastructure virginal condition.
Its waters, calm and warm all year round, are ideal for water sports, fishing and sea surface photo hunting.
Has an extensive coral reef, referred to as the second largest in the world after Australia, so St. Lucia represents an ideal destination for diving.



The International Diving Center Shark's Friends is the main responsible in the area, to provide equipment and advice to lovers of this practice, being known mainly for organizing exciting bathrooms with sharks.
In the vicinity of this beach a large number of keys, plethoric small islands of coconut palms and mangroves, which concentrate the main colony of pink flamingos throughout the Caribbean are located.


Cuba closes its borders from March 24 for a month (depending on the situation it can be extended)
All reservation requests starting today and for stays until April 30 will be denied.
We apologize for the inconvenience.


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